DataVideo and Regal Con Promo Video - Student Projects
The Digital Media Arts program at Golden West College teamed up with Datavideo to live stream the panels from RegalCon 2015 a convention all about ABC’s hit TV series “Once Upon A Time”. Datavideo manufactured all the equipment and worked with the students on the production. Watch the video below for a complete overview of the project narrated by me, and some highlights from the show. 

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More info about the event and video…

Regal Con is convention geared towards ABC’s hit television series “Once Upon A Time.” Fans across the world who could not attend were able to tune in to most of the content via a live stream from the Datavideo NVS-25 going directly to YouTube.

Datavideo manufactured all the equipment used for the production, including the PTC-150 PTZ cameras, the SE-700 switcher, TC-200 character generator hardware and software, HRS-30 Recorder, NVS-25 Streaming Encoder, SDI cabling, RMC-180 Camera Controller, as well as signal converters. One manufacturer meant everything was under one support umbrella. The instructors at Golden West College said Datavideo made them feel confident that everything would be compatible and professional.

This event, small compared to Comic Con and Wonder Con, presented a unique opportunity for die-hard fans to connect with actors on their favorite show in a more intimate setting.

One major challenge was that class members were rotated in 5-6 hours shifts during the 3-day convention, meaning the students didn’t have a great deal of time to rehearse or learn how to use the gear. However, everyone learned the gear quickly and the show looked professional throughout the event.

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