Dothenridge: Tales of the Vampire Monarchy Issue 1 - Comic Book Lettering
Dothenridge: Tales of the Vampire Monarchy 

Wrote, lettered, and published my own series called Dothenridge: Tales of the Vampire Monarchy. It also included Patrick Gagne's Nirgendwo series in the book.

“For the past three hundred years the vampire Lord Maximus Ostem has ruled of the nation of Dothenridge. Now with his nation losing a war it was never prepared to fight he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save what is left of his nation, and his soul.” Dothenridge can be described as the American Civil War meets King Arthur's Court. With graceful magic driven airships engaged in deadly battle, to armies clad in chainmail clashing on the open fields, this book has it all. All the stories in this book revolve around the most powerful man on the planet, the vampire Maximus Ostem. It is his orders that shape the lives and events of his nation as it fights a war that it was destined to loose. He must also confront his own fears and problems of his past that are slowly driving him insane. Only time will tell if he will remain in power, and remain sane. 

Creator & Writer: Sean Glumace 
Penciler: Eleazar del Roserio 
Inker: Patrick Gagné 

Patrick Gagné’s Nirgendwo 
Also included every month in Dothenridge: TVM  is the offbeat fantasy book Nirgendwo. The story picks up in Nirgendwo Forest as we follow the adventures of a group of doll like creatures as they keep themselves out of trouble. Offbeat fantasy characters like kobolds, midget knights, shamans, and disgruntled military conscripts take a new twist and look as Patrick brings them to life with his own unique style of artwork. 

Created & Illustrated: Patrick Gagné
Lettering by: Sean Glumace

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