GoGirl! Trade Paperback Vol 1 - Comic Book Lettering
GoGirl! trade paperback with issues 1-3 collected published by Dark Horse Comics .

Written by Trina Robbins, Artwork by Anne Timmons. Lettering by Sean Glumace (Parts 1 and 2)

I lettered issues 1-2 which were included in this trade paperback and a follow up story.

Go Girl TPB (2002 Dark Horse) 1-1ST NM
Publisher: Dark Horse
Published: January 2002, Original Cover Price: $15.95
1st printing. Written by Trina Robins. Art by Anne Timmons. Back in the day, Janet Goldman was an honest-to-goodness flying superhero, the far out Go-Go Girl. But Go-Go Girl eventually hung up her costume — well, put it away in a dresser drawer — and now her teenage daughter, Lindsay, has inherited Mom’s flying powers, donned her old costume, and become the teenage superheroine sensation Go Girl! Now she’s fighting crime and righting wrongs…with an occasional leg up from the now semi-retired Go-Go Girl. Pouring the classic charm of comics of the past through a subtle modernist filter, series creator/writer Trina Robbins and artist Anne Timmons have crafted an all-ages delight, garnering critical praise and a coveted Lulu Award. The GoGirl! collection includes pinups by Barb Rausch, Steve Leiber, Lea Hernandez, Sergio Aragonés, and others and bonus features, including material never before seen in the GoGirl! series. Softcover, 6-in. x 9-in., 136 pages, B&W. NOTE: “…wonderful, charming.” — Phil Mateer, All About Books and Comics

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