The Engineer Volume 1 - Comic Book Lettering
Written by: Brian Churilla and Jeremy Shepherd
Illustrated by: Brian Churilla
Colored by: Jeremy Shepherd
Lettered by: Sean Glumace (Issues 1-2, and Prelude)

A hard bound trade paperback collection of The Engineer Issues 1-3. I lettered the issues 1-2 of this series.

An ancient sentient entity is feasting on the very fabric of space and time. Only one man can stop it: The Engineer. 
Utilizing a colossal pipe organ that enables pan-dimensional travel,The Engineer pursues the lost components of The Konstrukt, an archaicmechanism that imbues whoever possesses it with the ability to manipulate reality itself. The Engineer endeavors to restore TheKonstrukt, using it to defeat the creature and undo the incalculable damage already done.
Cover of The Engineer Vol. 1

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