The Ronin Issue 1 - Comic Book Lettering
Lettered and designed The Ronin Issue #1 for Lionheart Comics.
Written and Adapted by Chris Dickens
Pencils and Inks by Gian Carlo Bernal
Colors by Jeremy Shepherd
Letters by Sean Glumace
Based on The Ronin by William Dale Jennings In cooperation with Tuttle Publishing
Copyright © 1968 William Dale Jennings

About The Ronin
The Ronin by William Dale Jennings is an amazing novel based on a Zen myth, and our books are an adaptation of this novel. The story as a whole is told out of sequence, and from many different perspectives. We start with the Ronin and follow him as he terrorizes every town and village he visits with little resistance and seemingly zero consequences.

As the story progresses, we also meet the people whose lives the Ronin has impacted, with a focus on one character in particular. One victim, a child made an orphan by The Ronin, vows revenge. We explore his story alongside the Ronin's as they each grow and change over the years. Their two paths collide, ultimately culminating in a final, unexpected conclusion.

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