Vigilante Project Issue 4 - Comic Book Lettering
Lettered and designed the Vigilante Project Issue 4 "Countdown" for Yvette Avenue Productions. Vigilante Project was created by Chris Dickens and Philip Morgenthaler. VP#4 is the countdown to Alvin’s big move! Check out his final preparation as he gets ready to kick some butt!

About Vigilante Project
Vigilante Project is a comic book series from Yvette Avenue Productions. Our main character is Alvin Gentry. He’s a normal college student with something of a dark past. When Alvin’s kid sister is kidnapped, raped, and murdered, he initially trusts the police to find the person responsible. As the investigation stalls, Alvin uncovers a clue that could help solve the case.

Ignored by police and with more and more time passing, our hero decides to find the assailant himself. With no special training, experience, or resources Alvin takes on what he calls his vigilante project and sets out to find his sister’s killer. But Alvin can’t just become a vigilante, he has to learn how. What would you do? Where would you start? Along the way Alvin seeks counsel from a local priest, makes enemies with a local gang, and falls in love with his married apartment manager.

But when Alvin discovers that there is more to his sister’s disappearance than meets the eye, he will take on more than he ever expected, risking it all to save another little girl that is being held by the same man.

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